Naysayers Dilemma

Naysayers Dilemma

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Shoot First, Then Throw Dynamite

5:45 a.m. Friday, May 28 2010

If you stop to ask any questions you're dead, do you hear me!? This is Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. Every player you ever meet will shoot you, wait till you respawn, then shoot you again. Posse invites are done from outside of sniper range. The game is fun, although quickly repetitive. The multiplayer mission packs will no doubt reclaim my interest. In the mean time, I have bit.trip runner and alan wake to digest...

Fighting Dragons

2:31 a.m. Saturday, May 29 2010

At the 'I Fight Dragons' show at the Warfield. These guys fucking rock, for serious, so much so that I commit to making hyperlinks work in my news posts... I'll throw up some parsable text here. That seems reasonable right? I'll go dust off my regex tonight. Hopefully or I'll leave this mark of shame here.