A Beautiful Suit

A Beautiful Suit

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Headline News!

I Ran Seven Miles

1:02 a.m. Thursday, July 1 2010

in my VFFs and boy are my feet covered in blisters. But anyway I love them, for serious. This isn't killing me so I'm probably much stronger now. In other news, Jeremy is back and the comics are new again. I played about 120 hours of monster hunter tri (really), and this was the comic we got from it. Perhaps not the best return on investment but the game is really fun.

I Should Add...

1:06 a.m. Thursday, July 1 2010

The UI is terrible, people talk too much, it's confusing as all hell. Oh and its really all about the online play, not the single player. Though as you keep the same player you end up beating the single player anyway to farm materials and learn Monster habits. Notice I capitalized monster? No? Well I did. These Monsters are amazingly huge, and nuanced. It is basically MMO Demon Souls, but no levels to bother with, just straight to the boss fights.