The Only Shop in Town

The Only Shop in Town


posted 3 years, 7 months ago

rofl, me and the roommate call that guy "justin" because the text when a car is "just in" has a very tiny space. we blame justin when this kind of crap happens.



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Now the online store has them

9:09 a.m. Saturday, January 8 2011

I will conclude that it was in presponse to this comic that the pick-up truck has become more readily available in the game! Anyway just got mine and took down the sport truck races in A and B-Spec. Great fun and I'm totally addicted. Just yeah, the rare drops shouldn't be pickup trucks guys. Last time I was in the shop they had Jay Leno's Tank car for sale.

Interviewed by Plug in and Play

9:14 a.m. Saturday, January 8 2011

I know this is kinda old, but I never posted it... I'm just gonna put this here...