Where Do They Get Those Wonderful Fonts?

Where Do They Get Those Wonderful Fonts?


posted 3 years, 5 months ago

This is a lot more enjoyable than the penny-arcade I've seen so far...



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Headline News!

It should read "Tonight only the News Section: Triumphant Return"

9:34 a.m. Thursday, July 9 2009

You know I was planning on writing these things more often but then I felt like that would be "too much like penny-arcade". Did I really attribute to them, in my mind, the creation of the blog? In short, yes I did. That however is the past, I now plan to be held back only by my ineptitude and listlessness. Yeah thats all I got, perhaps if I keep doing this I'll become a better writer =)

P4: Should have

9:24 p.m. Thursday, July 9 2009

Yeah I never added something that would add the news posts to the RSS. I suppose it might be eventually useful if I had something important to say. Also someone brought up that I should find a way to add the commentary to the RSS, this seems like a better idea. I tend to think about what I'm writing in the commentary field