The Nine Rings of Men

The Nine Rings of Men


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Geeky nit-picking: It was actually an Elf, not a Nazg├╗l or any other servant of Sauron that failed to use gender-neutral language. The prophesy occurred 1044 years before the Witch-King was slain (the year 1975 of the Third Age of the Sun). With Sauron pseudo-dead after his defeat by the Last Alliance of Elves and Men the Witch-King gets bored and decides to grease the skids for Sauron's return by capturing and destroying human kingdoms in/near the Misty Mountains.



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7:12 a.m. Wednesday, July 20 2011

@ComicConPervs has a plan to shame the pervs, and I think it's fantastic. So I beseech thee, goers of comic con, turn your cameras not up skirts but on those who would do so, and send in your pictures for a good ol' fashioned public shaming!