Analog Versus Digital

Analog Versus Digital

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In the New Version the Robber is Gray

4:48 p.m. Friday, July 31 2009

This whole comic came from Jeff's "Game Night" which I assume was intended to be poker night. Poker continued as planned only it was constantly disrupted by shouts of obscure obscenities from our settlers table, with highlights like, "You stuck the black phallus in my ore hole!". There are bigger games, and badder games but nothing matches settlers for the overheard conversations.

To Be Fair...

9:19 p.m. Friday, July 31 2009

You could also show your inner Kiwi with settlers. I've got no New Zealander in me as far as I know, but I am part Scottish, shown is the family Tartan. Oh yeah and in favor of digital, it makes you much better at the game. Jo started playing copious amounts of online settlers now she crushes everyone.