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Wants to Date Your Avatar

8:07 a.m. Wednesday, August 19 2009

Seriously, MMOs are calling. First it's the research for this matrix comic then suddenly finding out about The Guild and having to watch 2 seasons due to inherent awesomeness? Something is up for sure. Oh and somehow through no fault of my own I ended up on my old EQ server's message board.

The URL...

8:17 a.m. Wednesday, August 19 2009

News Fail

8:21 a.m. Wednesday, August 19 2009

I need to come back and rewrite this thing, you know for links that link, and not obscuring the nav buttons might be nice. Maybe after Burning Man...

news 4

9:45 p.m. Saturday, September 19 2009

what happens when I do a 4th story?