Wait... There Are Levels?

Wait... There Are Levels?

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So Much To Play...

7:35 a.m. Wednesday, September 23 2009

Beatles Rockband and ODST sit at the ready. We bought the cheapest USB headset at BestBuy, as we'd heard any USB mic would work. This is not the case. I haven't found a good list on the internet of which ones do work but it seems people are mostly sticking to Xbox branded stuff. Will get to ODST tomorrow maybe, dominion took up all my time tonight.


7:37 a.m. Wednesday, September 23 2009

Oh and Jeremy needs to give back my copy of scribblenauts, so I can play that and not do any of those other things I mentioned. Especially adding any sort of features to this site! It's okay he never reads these, he'll give me the game back unknowingly and all coding progress will stop! He can actually post these too, don't tell him though.