What is The Quaternion?

What is The Quaternion?

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You Cannot be Shown What The Quaternion is

6:44 a.m. Wednesday, October 7 2009

But seriously, I think I want to read this book. We use these things all the damn time, and all I know about them is they're 4d, weird, and somehow better at rotation than the vector system. Also they sound pretty badass, that right there should do it. Imagine applying that knowledge cross discipline and solving a problem with quaternions, take that everyone else!

Well Well Well...

8:41 p.m. Wednesday, October 7 2009

Our 0.5% ratio of visitors:news readers has jumped 20000% percent today. Looks like all it took was an incomprehensible comic. Well you won't find answers here my friend! Or maybe you already did, crap I forgot what I said in my other post. Though it is statistically likely you did not find any answers!